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The expertise that we have available has been developed through experience in the many specialist areas mentioned in our ‘team’ profile. From an international perspective, this experience is extremely important and key to negotiating through the complex issues that arise from country to country.

These issues include, legal adaptation, to variations in technical standards, and the financial alternatives of asset finance, letters of credit, and advanced payment guarantee’s both of which need to be aligned with letters of intent. We have a very strong financial knowledge and expertise in all aspects of finance.  Our Engineers have expert technical knowledge, and given the ability to access manufacturer’s technical files, can swiftly resolve all questions and provide the solutions promptly.
They are always on hand to assist if your project requires such technical expertise. We have experts on hand to assist or advise on shipping and transport, CE Certification and other international standards. We have an international pool of product specialists, supervisors, and electrical technicians if required, to construct, give instruction, or merely supervise the implementation of your product, or the construction of your tower cranes. 

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We have access to an international team of translators to assist in all of the above who can attend meetings or translate documents.

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Our experience is in seeking suitable companies internationally to act as distributors. Within this process there are many important issues to address. One of the most important points is of course that they have the ability to sell, service and maintain the product. Other important points are, to ensure the company has a strong presence in the geographical area, and it is imperative that they have the staff and technical ability to service, maintain and stock sufficient spare parts to enable a relatively fast back up service should a part get damaged or fail.

One point that is very important and often gets forgotten is the cultural differences of all parties. The manufacturer has its national culture and individual way of operating as has the distributor, but when they need to talk internationally, things may not be as simple as first thought. This is where the International experience of Rossa Consulting saves time and money, understanding the cultural differences. When clients need to purchase a large quantity of equipment, it is not always in their interest to work without market, or cultural knowledge and experience, we can offer you all the experience required.


The team consists of experienced professionals in their field, from Asset Finance, Engineering, Banking, Distribution Networks, Transportation and Shipping, CE Certification, Erection Crews, Electrical Technicians, Spare Parts and Stock Consignment advisors, and Translators. All playing very different roles, each as important as the next.

Rossa Consulting is headed by Sean O’Sullivan, who has a 1st class BA (Hons) Degree in Business Management and Innovation. He has worked in the tower crane industry since 2006, setting up international distribution networks, and selling tower cranes around the world. Prior to this Sean was purchasing and importing mast climbing work platforms (MCWP) as the UK master distributor, he developed a large rental fleet and successful business which he sold in 2005.

Sean was previously involved with UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), a UK Government body which helps business grow. He acted in an advisory capacity and sat on the cross party, Parliamentary Select Committee for Haiti, in the Houses of Parliament.
Prior to this Sean had 20 years in recruitment, owning organisations specialising in construction staff, and later in IT professionals.

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Sean appreciates, understands, and has experience in, entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship. He has experience of exploiting opportunities, of analysing problems and developing creative and innovative solutions, enabling strategy to be developed as a pattern in a stream of decisions.

He demonstrates skills in managing change, from analysing culture, engagement of employees, and alignment with strategy for successful implementation of change-management.

We have a team of experienced professionals available to assist with a wide range of client requirements, including:

  • Asset finance, letters of credit and advanced payment guarantees.
  • Provision of engineers and technicians.
  • Logistics, transportation, and shipping.
  • Spare parts and stock consignments.
  • Translators and strategists.
  • Business analyst.
  • Change-management consultants.
  • Business strategy consultants.

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