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Independent Sales of New and Used Tower Cranes

When buying a new or used tower crane, several factors come into consideration, price is always of interest, and having a dependable resale value. Reliability and reputation of the brand are an important factor, and in recent years timely delivery, is of course paramount.

These factors have made used cranes more attractive, as their availability is easier to estimate, and of course the price is lower.

Our international clients usually have a brand preference, maybe because they already own a fleet and due to spare parts and maintenance will wish to stay with this brand. Others may have been influenced by an advisor. But, both price or delivery have a major say in the clients final decision.

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At Rossa Consulting we take all the client’s preferences into consideration, maybe inform them of other important aspects they may not have considered, and with an in-depth knowledge of the market and their requirements, find the best crane/s with the most favourable terms to suit their requirements.

Negotiating large purchase agreements on behalf of the manufacturer involves dealing with multiple contacts which can be very challenging and time consuming. Negotiating large purchase agreements on behalf of the client can free them from a technical minefield, and guide them to the correct product at the best price.

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Increase your Business Efficiency. Improve Organisational Structure. Develop Future Strategies.

The external environment is constantly changing, the macro-environment is forever creating new obstacles and opportunities.

Importantly the organisation must be able to recognise when it needs to adapt to change
and open to and encourage flexibility, assertiveness, imagination, intuition, and innovation.

Innovation is the exploitation, or commercialisation of an idea, this can be a chaotic and a complex process that has methods and models to enable analysis and direction.

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Implementing innovative change is a risky process and needs to be carried out in a
systematic method or disaster is certain. There are framework’s helping to stop the most common errors that take place during an innovation change exercise, of which there are several stages that all must be followed in sequential order, as each stage is reliant on the next.

Importantly the organisation must be able to recognise when it needs to adapt to change and open to and encourage flexibility, assertiveness, imagination, intuition, and innovation.

Most organisations are intrapreneurial, which calls for their innovative proactive behaviour to exploit product-market opportunities.

Creating a sustainable competitive advantage is the true value of intrapreneurship.

Developing strategic intrapreneurship is essential to any modern organisation, but will always need to be custom designed, as the factors affecting every organisation are unique in its structure, culture, design, and direction.

Of course, new ideas will fail if they go against the culture of an organisation. It is imperative that culture should be in the creativity section of new products or processes. Engagement of employees is also an essential element as you need the people to work alongside you when introducing new processes to their daily routine.

When the strategy is altered or changed, acceptance to change within the management and staff is something that needs to be pre-arranged and in place, good strategy management to implement change is required to ensure that the new change fits with all the other organisational components.

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Build / Organise / Improve Distribution Networks

We have extensive experience in developing international distribution networks for a number of large manufacturers, or for distributors looking to take on a new product or manufacturer. 

Our international cultural awareness is invaluable for a seamless negotiation relating to the terms of contract, agreed by both parties looking to enjoy an effective and profitable partnership. Our selection process to find the right distributor for the manufacturer, and visa versa, is long term and therefore profitable to all.